Navigating Life's Troubled Waters

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Anchored Therapies, LLC

Based in Pittsburgh, Anchored Therapies is rooted in the belief that individuals and families can heal and adapt following life-altering experiences. Using a collaborative process, we will work towards bringing greater health, happiness, and balance to you and/or your child's life. Through our journey, you will learn how to optimize effective ways of coping with challenges that arise in your life.

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Anxiety is a natural consequence of change. Together, we can explore ways to manage it and grow.

Grief + Loss

Grief and loss drives us into unknown terrority. Let's cultivate healing from the pain.


Depression may take many forms and can make us feel alone. Side by side, we will search for light from the darkness.

Health-Related Concerns

Health-related concerns can be within ourselves or those close to us. Collectively we can learn to find the new normal.

Stress Management

Stress is inevitable but does not have to be impossible. Let's navigate coping mechanisms to promote a positive life.

Life Transitions

Life transitions through school, work, and family which can create concerns and discomfort. Let's take that journey together.


Spirituality is an important part of every person. We recognize this and consider the unique strengths and challenges of the spiritual journey in each session.


Social predjuices, anxieties around coming out, or adjusting to a new lifestyle are just a few challenges in the LGBT+ community. From an affirmative and support approach, we will explore how to be the best you.

Anchored Therapies, LLC